The movement scan app for your long and healthy life


Personal health profile

Your personal health profile is the basis for individual health recommendations.


3D movement scan

One squat is all that is needed to analyze the quality of your movement and track the interplay of your muscles. 


Tailored recommendations

Use your scan results to increase your ability to move and enhance your physical potential.


Healthy employees

The positive effects of well thought-out health management have meanwhile been scientifically proven: your employees are happier, the sick leave drops and the productivity of your company increases.

Healthy employees work more concentrated and the quality of their work increases. Higher quality also increases the satisfaction of your customers. Any investment in health promotion is an investment in the success of your business.


Financial gain

Diseases and injuries of muscles and bones are among the most common causes of disability. With AIMO you reduce the risk of musculoskeletal diseases and sustainably promote the health of your employees.

You fully exploit the performance potential of your employees and reduce costs. With the AIMO app, your employees actively take care of their own health. They feel at ease in their work place, work motivated and perform best.